Marie-Gabrielle Jouan

BGene Genetics

co-founder & CEO

Marie-Gabrielle is the co-founder & CEO of BGene Genetics, an innovative start-up in green chemistry based in Grenoble. Marie-Gabrielle moved to Grenoble for my studies to prepare a PhD in the field of cardio-vascular disease. After her PhD, she was hired as a business manager by the University’s office for technology transfer Floralis. During this time, she learnt a lot about IP, marketing and accountancy. This was in part due to her position of responsibility for the technological platform of the university. While being employed there she had a decisive encounter with Dr.Ranquet. Together they created the start-up BGene in 2014 which was consistent with my values and willingness to be active for the future of the planet. Now BGene is a small company of 18 people working together to master sustainable & eco-friendly ways of producing high-value molecule from abundant, renewable and non-food raw materials, using synthetic biology and microbial biodiversity.

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