Philippe Guguen


Président Fondateur

Philippe Guguen began his career in cosmetics marketing for major international brands, including Biotherm in Europe and Guerlain in North America. With the arrival of the internet, he dives into technology in 1999. He created a start-up which became a leader in Europe in less than 10 years before being acquired by Orange Group.

For 15 years now, Philippe Guguen helps cosmetic brands in their digital marketing innovations with its current company MAP EMULSION, based in the heart of Aix-Marseille’s French tech hub.

After years of collaboration with blockchain specialists, MAP EMULSION has set up the SORGA technology to develop responsible consumption through transparency and traceability based on verifiable evidence. In 2021 SORGA equipped thousands cosmetic products (skincare, makeup, fragrance) with a low consumption blockchain providing secured information on brands commitments.

  • The blockchain in the service of transparency and traceability